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de problematiek van superstormen in België


Historic Storm Bears Down US East Coast - Millions Take Caut

A monstrous Hurricane Irene barrelled toward the Eastern Seabord Friday, lashing at North Carolina with tropical storm-force winds as it continued its destructive course northwards along the coast, even forcing New York City to close its subway service.

North Carolina's Outer Banks took a beating from the storm's outer bands, which dumped rain and whipped up winds of almost 160 km/h. Although Irene had lost some strength, the ferocious Category 2 storm still threatens such a large swath of the East Coast that U.S. President Barack Obama is calling it "historic," and urging people in North Carolina and New York to prepare for the worst.

Forecasters said Friday night the system was moving north-northeast, spreading tropical storm conditions all over southeastern North Carolina. As of 8 p.m. ET, the hurricane was 425 kilometres south-southwest of Cape Lookout, N.C., with maximum sustained winds at 160 km/h.

"All indications point to this being a historic hurricane. If you are given an evacuation order, follow it."

—U.S. President Barack Obama

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